18th May 2010 Mugsey Pink Evening

18th May 2010 Mugsey Pink Evening

Name Maria Dango

Born Date Unknown

Location Torquay, England

Height, Unknown

Pinky was created by the Watchers and Doctors within there lab which was destoryed by Mugsey Grant along With Sasha Montana and Rachael
13th March 2014 Mugsey Grant Remember 1999

13th March 2014 Mugsey Grant Remember 1999

Grant back in 1999. 

She was a one of a kind project where they mixed DNA of a human with the Turritopsis Dohrnii in english translating to The Imortall Jellyfish a breed that is about to transform its body to make itself look younger or change its looks. Pinky was trained in combat to be an assassin using her skills to copy the looks of others to gain access to place that others couldn't reach.

When the doctors created Pinky they forgot one part of her DNA that she carried from Jellyfish this was the bright neon pink hair that she a error not removed from her DNA Code. She cannot keep her hair a normal colour for more than 24 hours. If she is near hot weather or heat the same effect can happen with her true hair colour being shown.


It was discovered that Pinky was created as company for Mugsey Grant when he was within the labs more of a test to see how he would interact with a sexual partner. They became close and he would often look up to Pinky as support. Pinky was soon transfered to be used in other projects and was allowed to leave the lab after being taught how the world worked.

Pinky Personally

Pinky has shown stronger leadership skills and if the Watcher plan out an attack she has been known using her skills to often lead the attacks on Mugsey Grant And Sasha Montana. Pinky has often shown many times she has been known to have a high interest in sexual ''Gratification often using either her words or tools to show this as a state of power over others.

She has also has been suggest before that she could be Lesbian as she has a huge dislike towards men and can be seen as sexist towards them calling them users or idiots. She also doesn't like being in a male body and will complain how nasty they are to be seeing the world in.

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Pinky 2010

Pinky Form 10

Pinky Copying Steph In 2010.

 Her choice of clothing is often neon pink and leather jackets she doesn't like dark colours and will often complain if she does not feel that someone has a good choice in fashion. Claming that they need a new wardrobe due to her interest in heavy metal music others has nicknamed her the Pink Goth for her taste of music and her interest in domination.

'She is also a master of fighting claiming to be a black belt in karate her most chosen style of fighting she has also shown she can fight very well with weapons. Often choice is anything with the 'shape of a staff.

Pinky 2

Pinky 2014