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Mugsey Grant 2014

Name             Albert Richard Grant

Born              12th August 1983

Location       Liverpool, England

Height          5ft 11incs

Mugsey Grant was born in 1983 in the city of Liverpool his real name is Albert Richard Grant he is the leader of the Plymouth gang known as the Prospectors a criminal gang which work many different criminal activity based within Plymouth area and other part of Devon.

Mugsey was once more happy with his life however the events of his past changed him to be the person he is now. He now lives his day to life in the hope that one day he might see his sister once again who went missing in Torquay back at the end of the year 2000.

Mugsey was orignally an experment and was tourted in an attempt to create the perfect person under a secret part of a goverment experment located within Torquay. He was saved by another victim of the experments known as Sasha Montana who rescued him from the scienest more known as the Watcombe Watchers.

Mugsey learned across the years he had special powers which help him commit crime these are being able to run for longer than most people and recover very quickly he can also see emotions and react quickly using these skills he also shares vampire DNA after Sasha Montana gave him some of her blood to save his life when he was badly injured by a bus back in 2001.

Torquay Saga 1999-2000

Mugsey originally moved to Torquay with his sister Rachael Grant back in 1999 they moved in with her partner Bobby who looked after them both. Across this time Mugsey went to school and was often picked on and teased by other children because of this he dropped out of school. 

Mugsey was then introduced to a man named Charlie Charlatan who saved his sister from being attacked by a gang of muggers and offered to be a friend to Mugsey who he saw wasn't finding life very easy. Mugsey soon found out that Charlie was a gangsta and wanted Mugsey to join his gang where together they would be rich.

Mugsey kept within Charlie's gang for sometime across which they committed many serious crimes together this was when Mugsey was offered his biggest crime he was asked to kill a teenage girl who has seen Charlie commit a armed robbery. Charlie offered Mugsey a chance to prove himself and kill her and get rid of her body.

Mugsey turned down what was expected of him and saved the girl soon he was forced to hide from Charlie across this time Rachael and Bobby escape Torquay leaving Mugsey behind it was soon learned that they had been kidnapped by the Watcombe Watchers where Mugsey meet Sasha together they did their best to save Rachael who escape with them from their base.

Rachael requested to Sasha that she kept Mugsey save and one day she would see him again but for now this was a goodbye. Sasha did as was expected of her and took him to Brixham where some of her friends unknown to Mugsey Grant got him back on his feet he then took the name Mugsey as a nickname and no longer wanted to be called Albert.

Plymouth Saga 2001-2014

Mugsey soon becomes aware that what the Watcombe Watchers did to him many years ago is what killing him. He remembers the word failed written on his arm aware he will soon die. Finally he dies around his friends as they look on at him. As all looks bad Sasha walks in and tells the others the virus inside of him been killing him slowly for the last 14 years. Sasha tells them no worry as he not going to die and she will save him at a cost. Sasha cuts her arm and orders drops blood in his mouth where Mugsey starts waking up. Sasha tells him if you want to live you need to drink my blood we share the same blood if you do you will surive. Mugsey accept it and drinks her blood.

Bristol Saga 2015-2016

Faced with his powers being found out Mugsey Grant along with Sasha Montana escape from Plymouth to start a new life within Bristol now Mugsey is taught more stronger on how to use his powers as he deals with a big place which test Mugsey and Sasha to the limits.