11th October 2001 Gunnislake Massive13th April 2001 Mugsey Goodbye To Hele Village13th April 2013 Mugsey Grant Starts Working
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19th April 2001 Mugsey Money19th December 2009 Swilly Vs Whitleigh1st July 2009 Bridport Massive
20th December 2009 Mugsey Final Breakdown20th March 2001 Mugsey Escapes Charlie21st December 2000 Goodbye Big Sister
24th April 2001 Saltash Massive26th July 2001 Stonehouse Massive27th July 2002 Mugsey Does Fostering
28th January 2001 Mugsey Respect Couples29th December 2023 Mugsey Final Battle2nd June 2001 Mugsey Teaches Kidnapping
2nd June 2008 Mugsey Meets ADHD2nd May 2001 Efford Massive3rd June 2008 Mugsey ADHD Support
3rd March 2001 Mugsey Meets Christians3rd October 2008 Mugsey Helps Jade5th May 2001 Tavistock Massive
7th August 2008 Mugsey And The Photographs7th March 2008 Mugsey Has The Banshee7th November 2001 Mugsey Goes Cruising
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File:13th April 2013 Mugsey Grant Starts WorkingFile:13th March 2014 Mugsey Grant Remember 1999File:13th March 2014 Mugsey Grant Remember 1999-0
File:13th March 2014 Mugsey Grant Remember 1999-1File:155.jpgFile:183490 10150091048037562 1119875 n.jpg
File:18th May 2010 Mugsey Pink EveningFile:196330 10150110535197562 4261995 n.jpgFile:420457 10150581950162562 513522561 9112118 793566856 n.jpg
File:421278 200255890081769 100002920779274 371112 575651840 n.jpgFile:426216 10151128232097562 280430838 n.jpgFile:426413 200257253414966 100002920779274 371115 1363020073 n.jpg
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