Johnathan Wedlock

Name Johnathan Steven Wedlock

Born 6th June 1983

Location London, England

Height 5,10

Death 9th February 2013

Johathan Michael Wedlock 


Johnthan Wedlock Is One Of The Prospectors He Is One Of The More Smarter And Weirdess Members Trained Within God And Demons. Often Using His Skills To Commit Crimes On People By Scaring People He Does Strange Things Others Dislike And Feel Unhappy With Most Of The Time But Second Leader Of The Group After Mugsey Grant


Johanthan First Appears In Swilly In 2002 After Being Kicked Out Of Bible School Where It Is Claimed He Attempted To Commit A Fake Marriage For Some Younger Teeangers Attempting To Avoid Social Services. He Has Just Moved Out Of The Family Home In Tavistock And Has Manage To Obtain A House In Swilly Where He Soon Becomes Close Friends With Mugsey Grant. Armed With Being Able To Marry Strangers The Pair Start Commiting Crime And Asking People If They Want A Cheap Legal Marriage Soon The Pair Also Help Asylum Seeker Move To The UK.


Johathan And Mugsey Go Into Starting There Own Ghost Busters Bussiness Which Removed Ghost From Peoples Houses However It A Big Trick Into Thinking People Houses Are Haunted Where Mugsey Scares People As They Sleep And Johathan Offers His Powers To Remove The Ghost. This Is One Scam They Have Not Yet Been Found Out About So Far.


In 2007 Johnathan Faces One Of His Most Toughest Years When Himself And Mugsey Attempt To Rob A Old Church Which Has Some Old Artifacts That Cost A Huge Amount Of Money. There Plan Is To Steal All The Gold Get It Melted Down And Sell It For A Huge Amount Of Money. Unaware To Mugsey And Johnathan It Turns Out The Place Has A Silent Alarm That The Pair Do Not See. Soon Police Manage To Raid The Church And The Pair Make An Escape. Johnathan Is Caught By Police And Is Nicked As Mugsey Watches On With More Police Coming He Cannot Protect His Mate. Johnathan Is Then Taken To Court A Few Days Later Where He Is Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison.


Johnathan Is Released From Prison On The 20th September 2009 After Doing Half His Sentence In Prison For Robbery Of The Church He Is Reformed And Has Now A Real Follower Of God. Mugsey Isn't To Happy About This And Soon Brings Johnathan Back To His Old Ways Turning Him In The Anti Bible Once Again.


John Wedlock Featured In A Few Episodes Of Season 2 However Its Learned In 2013 Between Seasons He Has Been Sent To Prison For Bigamy Once Again To Be In Prison Until 2016 His Biggest Record Of Being Sent To Prison.


John Wedlock Is Found Dead In His Cell After Commiting Sucide In Prison. The Reason Why Remains Unknown But Suspected His Lost His Faith When Inside Prison. He Is Found Dead On The 9th Feburary 2013 After Prison Officers Find Him Hanged.

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