Mugsey Vs Catherine

Mugsey Vs Catherine

In Episode 13 Mugsey Has Been Called To Brixham Hospital For Check Up On His Disabilty Living Allowence. He Heads To Brixham To Find Makes Sure He Keeps His Claim And Talks About A House In Brixham Which The People Live In Germany Making It A Easy House To Rob Which Was Told To Him By Johnathan Wedlock . Mugsey Passes His Hospital Appointment With Flying Colors And Heads To The House On His List.

Unaware He Has Been Setup By A Rival Of His To Obtain The Gem Mugsey Picked Up In Episode 10 Mugsey Goes Probation. He Is Caught Off Guard Being Struck From Behind By A Girl.

He Wakes Up To Find Himself Tied To A Chair Inside The House He Was Going To Be Breaking Into. Confused He Hears The Words Remember Me? He Looks To See A Girl Coming Towards Him Armed With A Knife However He Knows Her Face And Soon Works Out She Is Catherine Mason The Sister Of Dee Mason Who Was Mugsey Crossdressing Boyfriend From Many Years Ago. But Once Dee Got Nasty Towards Mugsey He Was Taken Out By Roy Dart And Johnathan Wedlock Who Killed Dee Everyone Thinks Dee Is Missing However Is Really Buried Underneath The New Houses In Swilly After Her Death In 2004.

Mugsey Works Out She Does Not Remember Him From When They Meet Back In 2003 Seeing This As A Way To Keep The Upperhand Suspecting This Has Something To Do With The Diamond. Mugsey Plays Cool As Catherine Demands To Know Where The Diamond Is Attempting To Say He Does Not Have It Until She Gets Stressed Out With Him Finding It Funny.

At This Point Mugsey Grant Tells Her He Does Not Have The Diamond On Him But Will Go And Get It For Her. She Warns Him He Has Two Weeks And If Messes Her Around She Will Kill Him. Mugsey Is Released From The House And Has Two Weeks To Obtain The Diamond.

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