Charlie Charlatan 1999

Charlie Charlatan Is Protrayed By Tom Clogg

Born In 1979 Charlie Charlatan Was Raised In Torquay By His Big Mafia Family. From A Young Age He Proved Powerful And Fearless Which Made Him One Of The Biggest Feared Dealers Across Torquay.

In 2000 Charlie Meet The Grant Family After Helping Rachael Grant From An Attempted Mugging Knocking Out Three Males. He Then Offered To Walk Rachael Home The Pair Became Very Good Friends And Soon Rachael Unaware Of Charlie Crimes Saw Him As A Role Model To Mugsey Grant.

Charlie Noticed How Weak Mugsey Was And Turned Him Into The Person Mugsey Is Today. Things Changed When Mugsey Was Ordered To Kill A Grirl For Grassing Up Charlie For A Murder. Mugsey Was Gave A Gun And Order If She Wanted The Bullet In Her Head Or Chest. Mugsey Didn't Want To Kill The Girl And Ran Off With The Girl Taking Her To Safety. Charlie Attempted To Find Mugsey Who Was Hidden From Him By Rachael Grant. Ordering Him To Hide Down At Billie Jones House In Paignton.

Charlie Scared Off Rachael And Attempted To Find Mugsey Who Took Cover Down With His Gay Friends In Brixham. Charlie Placed So Much Fear Into Mugsey Friend That Billie Jones Got Sectioned And This Made Mugsey Grant Lose Custody Of Jordan Grant.

In 2001 Charlie Was Caught For Another Murder And Given 20 Years In Prison For Killing A Girl Who Grassed Him Up He Was Sent To Dartmoor Prison To Atone For His Crimes.

In 2012 Charlie Was Released On Parole After Being Locked Up For Murder. He Is Soon However Looking To Get Back At People From His Past And Is Soon To Attempt To Catch Up With Mugsey Grant.

Charlie Knows Thats Mugsey Will Do His Best To Try And Avoid Being Found By Him And Learns Mugsey Is A Student Down Within Plymouth. Aware That Mugsey Will Avoid Him He Flushes Mugsey Grant Out By Kidnapping Becky Hart So Mugsey Will Appear To Save Her.

Mugsey Soon Goes Into The College To Rescue Becky Who Being Held Within The Editing Suites With The College Ground. The Pair Clash For The First Time In 11 Years. The Battle Is A Losing Fight Until Becky Managed To Free Herself And Join The Battle The Pair Work Together And Defeat Charlie.

Mugsey At First Feel The Anger Of Everything Blaming Him For Rachael Leaving And Holding Charlie Changing Him And His Life As The Person Behind It. Planning On Finishing Him Off. He Turns And Looks At Becky Only 17 The Same Age That Mugsey Was The Last Time He Meet Charlie. 

Mugsey Knows Killing Would Make Him No Better Than Charlie And At The Last Second Spares His Life Mostly For The Reason He Doesn't Want Becky Hart Growing Up And Seeing The Stuff The Same Way Mugsey Grant Did Back In 2001.

Charlie Runs With Mugsey Scaring Him Off Along With Becky As The Pair Chase Him Down The Hall. He Escapes Using The Fire Escape. Charlie Is This Time The Loser.

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